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 Costa Blanca Travel News

Welcome to the Travel News for Costa Blanca Travellers!

NEW! - Latest news about RyanAir and EasyJet new baggage rules.

NEW! - The big two to Costa Blanca RyanAir and EasyJet have some cunning ways of getting a few more 's for their cheap flights.
Read "How to get the better of low fare airlines".


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RyanAir and EasyJet new baggage rules.

The BIG TWO have recently moved the goalposts again regarding baggage and boarding priority.
What you see is not necessarily what you get!
It is quite important to understand the new rules as they reflect the price you finally pay.

EasyJet claim that they are the only low-fare airline that don't charge for baggage but that is not quite true. Here's what happens -

EasyJet -

Checked Luggage: They carry 20 Kgs free and the 1st piece of luggage is free. Extra pieces are 5.00 each way - but you can still only check-in 20 kgs!
Any excess over this is 6.00 per kg. each way. You can only pay for excess baggage at the check-in.

Cabin Luggage: I item is permitted per passenger (55cms x 40 x 20). There is no weight restriction except that you have to be able to lift it into the rack without assistance.

Speedy Boarding: 7.50 UK to Spain. 2.50 coming back.

RyanAir -

Checked Luggage: They carry 15 Kgs free but you have to pay 5.00 (each way) for each piece - including the 1st. You can still only check-in 15 kgs!
Any excess over this is 8.00 per kg. each way. You can only pay for excess baggage at the check-in.

Cabin Luggage: I item is permitted per passenger (55cms x 40 x 20). There is a 10 kg weight restriction.

Speedy Boarding: 4.00 both ways.

PLEASE NOTE: When you declare how many pieces of luggage you have the default is 1 which adds 5.00 to the cost each way.
If you select 0 pieces, priority boarding is automatically selected for both ways (4.00).
You can switch this off on the line below and pay nothing - as long as you only have carry-on luggage.

Applies to EasyJet, RyanAir and most other low-fare airlines -

No pooling/sharing of the checked baggage allowance is permitted, even within a party travelling on the same Confirmation Number.

Any extra items carried into the cabin must (ladies purse, handbag, document wallet etc.) must fit into the flight bag.

There are other regulations regarding what can be carried inside the flight bag. Generally all liquids, pastes, powders, tablets, medicines etc. are limited in volume and have to be carried in a separate transparent plastic bag (for security inspection) and then fit into the flight bag.

See the exact text relating to baggage -

EasyJet - (a) Each Passenger is usually permitted to transport one standard piece of Unchecked Baggage in the cabin as hand Baggage to a maximum weight and size, in accordance with our Carrier's Regulations. Baggage which you carry on to the aircraft must fit under the seat in front of you or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin. Items determined by us to be of excessive weight or size will not be permitted in the cabin.

Each passenger is entitled to carry 20 kg of hold baggage spread over a maximum of 8 hold bags. Excess weight fees will be payable at the airport if the total weight exceeds 20 kg.

This fee reflects a charge of 5.00 per additional bag in excess of the free allowance of 1 bag per passenger.

Further hold baggage can be added online at any time via My

Bag charges are non-refundab

Conditions of Carriage Articles 8.1 and 9

Passengers and their baggage will be subjected to security screening throughout their journey. To assist us with this, please ensure that your cabin baggage is packed in such a way that, if requested by airport personnel at check-in, you are able to transfer articles into baggage to be checked in as hold baggage.

Hand baggage regulations in many airports are currently subject to change at short notice. Additional restrictions imposed by regional or national authorities and governing hand or hold baggage may be in force at the time of carriage.

Passengers may take liquids on board in their hand luggage provided they meet the following

1. The liquid is in a container with a maximum volume of 100 ml
2. That all liquid containers meeting the maximum volume of 100ml can be fitted comfortably into a transparent, re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag.
The plastic bag should be presented separately at security.
You may be required to dispose of liquids which do not meet the above requirements.

Save where the limits set locally are more restrictive, passengers are permitted one standard
piece of hand baggage to a volume limit of 55x40x20cm; no weight restriction applies within
reasonable limits i.e. a passenger must be able to place the piece of luggage safely in the
overhead storage bins without assistance.

Checked Baggage

Flights Departing on or Before 30 September 2007 (Regardless of when Booked)

Each passenger may take one item of standard checked-in hold baggage free of charge.
Additional items are subject to a fee payable per item either in advance or in the airport.

Each passenger has a free hold baggage weight allowance of 20kg, after which excess baggage
charges apply.
The maximum weight for any single piece of baggage is 32 kgs and no passenger may carry more
than 50kg on any flight (regardless of the number of bags), for any reason.

Sporting equipment and musical instruments incur charges, see below.

RyanAir - Checked Baggage Allowance

A Baggage Fee is charged for the carriage of each item of Checked Baggage per item of
baggage/per one way flight. The Baggage Fee may be prepaid at a discounted rate when making
your reservation via - Click here for details, or if pay for your Baggage Fee
at the airport, or through a Ryanair call - Click here for details. Baby buggies,
wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walking frames are carried free of charge.

Passenger may purchase up to 5 items of baggage per person. Please Note: That the total
Checked Baggage Allowance per person is 15kg irrespective of the number of items of baggage
purchased per person. There is no baggage allowance for infants, although a pram/buggy will
be carried free of charge.

Any passenger checking in baggage exceeding the 15kg checked baggage allowance per person
will be charged an excess baggage fee per kilo Click here for details.

Passengers may not use the unused checked baggage allowance of other passengers. No
pooling/sharing of the checked baggage allowance is permitted, even within a party travelling
on the same Confirmation Number.

For health and safety reasons Ryanair will not accept any individual item exceeding 32 kilos
and with combined dimensions of more than 81cms height, 119cms wide and 119cms depth. This
weight limit does not apply to mobility equipment.

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How to get the better of low fare airlines.

If you don't already know how to use the cheap flight finder -

1. Click to select your UK airport. This will show the low-fare airlines that operate from that airport and the Costa Blanca airports served (Alicante, Valencia or Murcia).

2. Click for each, one after the other, and proceed right to the point where you have to provide the credit card details, minimise the page (  _   in the top right hand corner) and you will see the airline selection page again.

3. When you have priced them all they will be in buttons on the bottom of your screen. Open up the cheapest and book it.

Sometimes on airline will be cheaper outgoing and the other incoming - You can book different airlines out and back or even different airports.
Different airports could create a problem if you drive and park.
If you are incoming to the Costa Blanca there is no problem at all. You can collect at one airport and return to the other with Victoria Cars Cost Blanca Car Hire.


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