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Writing to Forums and Blogs - Getting Free Online Exposure


A word of warning before we start: Forums like FaceBook, although very large in size and the number of visitors, are fairly lightweight as far as search engines are concerned and anything you say hardly ever gets noticed.

On the other hand, forums like SREF (Spanish Real Estate Agents) and CBF (Costa Blanca Forum), although small in size, are by no means lightweight and practically everything gets featured on Google.

Unless you want that kind of exposure, with customers continually pestering you about your products or services - then join FaceBook!

Having issued that warning, I also have to say that it is quite important to set yourself up and write in the optimum manner, then you can promote your business and enjoy your forum at the same time.

Writing in the optimum manner simply means following the forum's simple rules and starting out with the right Username, Signature, Introduction Post and Avatar.

Your Username: As well as being your logon name this is also your alias for everything you write and should be chosen carefully. Names like "Andy123" and "Sandra99" are fine if you want to remain anonymous but if you want to get noticed this should reflect your business name and/or what you do.

Lets us assume that Sandra owns Sandra Villas in Moraira and her website is She could call herself "MorairaVillas" (her top key-phrase) or "SandraVillas" (to promote the domain).

Your Signature: Whenever you write you are automatically signed off with a signature. Getting this right is very important for two reasons -

1. Google usually shows part or all of it on the SERPs (search Engine Results Pages).

2. When visitors follow the link to the forum they see your signature at the bottom of the post. From there they may well follow links to your website, e-mail address or profile (Forum Introduction)

PLEASE NOTE: I have show examples here of how this was applied to two quite small businesses in Moraira because I am Moderator for the Costa Blanca Forum.
Exactly the same technique is valid for any forum and businesses with a broader focus.